Monday, May 9, 2011

Googling my Childhood

Oh Google, you nostalgic bear. With one drawing you take me back to my childhood!

In Honor of Roger Hargreaves, the creator of Mr. Men who would have been 76 today, google has crafted 16 cutie-patootie drawings. The series was created in 1971 when his son Adam asked him: What does a tickle look like? and Mr. Tickle was born! Millions of books sold, and 17 years later, Roger passed away after suffering a stroke. The rights to the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters was sold in 2004 to Chorion Ltd. but Mr. Tickle still reamains in the Hargreaves family.... Rogers son Adam still writes and illustrates the series.


Mr Tickle!

This one reminds me of the peanuts gang, dancing around.

Mr Happy

Pull my finger, ha ha

Additional Drawings can be seen here. -->